3 months since contract/deposit, no forward progress. Options?

In DC. We signed a contract w/ a local installer and paid the deposit about 3 months ago and we’re still waiting for a design to be delivered (basically the first step of the process). Any thoughts on my options going forward? Best to accept the sunk schedule and move forward w/ a hope and a prayer? Or fight to terminate the contract and recoup the initial deposit?

Details: Signed the contract on 1 August, paid 25% deposit on 2 August. Is for ~5.7KW Sunpower/Enphase system. Initial timeline given was 4 weeks to get the detailed design with go-live before the end of the year. We’re now at the end of Oct and we’ve blown through 3 revised milestones for the detailed design doc. As far as I can tell, the only thing that’s been done is the site survey and a rudimentary visio-style layout (“16 panels in this orientation, junction box here, conduit here”). Contract language re timeline is:

Customer hereby acknowledges that the timeline to complete this project is approximately 60-120 days from the date of signed contract. The contractor will not be held accountable for delays beyond its control. These delays can be caused by but are not limited to equipment availability, permitting, interconnecting, engineering etc.

Communication has been almost nil. I’ve had to reach out every time the latest schedule promise is silently busted.

Any thoughts?

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