Battery options?

I’m in California. I’ve got a signed deal to install 24 LG 370 W panels with IQ7+ microinverters.

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to add batteries. I’m interested in storage primarily because I despise PG&E and because I’m interested in being grid-independent if necessary (earthquake, PSPS, etc). I built a simple model using PVwatts data for production and some reasonable estimates of consumption, and that says we need around 12 kWh of capacity.

Unfortunately, we have some frustrating constraints. The batteries must be outdoor-rated, and the best spot (outdoor but shaded) is ~40 feet from the panel. We could locate a storage inverter about halfway. I have found three options:

  1. Tesla Powerwalls (got negative feedback on this option from some colleagues)
  2. Wait for Encharge (best chemistry and cleanest integration, but a brand new product and who knows if it’ll meet the requirements)
  3. LG RESU batteries with a SMA storage inverter and transfer switch (Li-poly chemistry isn’t the best, but it’s all a known quantity and available now)

The SMA product looks good on paper, but our PV installer is uninterested in supporting it, so we’d have to either convince them, find someone else to help us through it, or DIY.

Any advice would be very welcome!

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