Delta launches new string inverter

The Taiwanese manufacturer said the 77 kVA, three-phase device is ideal for solar parks and commercial rooftops. The inverter, which has six maximum power point trackers, is said to have an efficiency of 98.8%.

Taiwanese inverter maker Delta has announced the launch of its Compact M70A Solar PV String Inverter, a 77 kVA, three-phase device with six maximum power point trackers its manufacturer has described as ideal for ground-mounted solar parks and commercial rooftops.

Delta says the inverter has a power density of 750 kW per square meter at 400 V and can be used for projects with a generation capacity of more than 70 kW.

The six maximum power point (MPP) trackers each have three pairs of connectors, the company added, offering more flexibility in planning module strings. “This way, planners can compensate for shading and complex roof geometries by allocating the MPP trackers accordingly,” Delta said.

Cloud-based monitoring

The inverter has aluminum housing with IP65 protection and 77 kVA of maximum apparent power, according to Delta. It enables individual string monitoring through iOS and Android apps by relying on the MyDeltaSolar Cloud, which is free for the first five years after installation.

“Additional advances include an I-V curve feature for PV curve recording, Q at Night to supply reactive power to the grid outside standard feed-in periods and Anti-PID (potential-induced degradation) to protect solar modules from the effects of voltage, heat and humidity,” the company said.

The device is also available with an RS485 interface and wireless communication, said Delta.

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