Planning a budget installation

I’m an engineer and it’s been my goal for some time to build a low budget solar system without going the traditional financing route.

So far I’ve picked up 32 Chaori 275w 72 cell panels, used. $1650 total. 8.8Kw total. I may not be able to fit them all on the roof of my house. I do have a detached garage which I may outfit with panels later.

I’m close to completing the city permit drawings, as my wife and I are both AutoCAD proficient. I simply need to confirm the panel layout and orientation.

Right now, in the interest of keeping costs low, and keeping within California standard UL1741SA, I’m thinking of the Delta 6000W from eBay at $799. It allows battery backup. Max input = 9000w. Any feedback on this selection? Can I do better in this price range?

For racking, I was was advised that ecofasten is a good choice?

$1650 for panels
$800 for string inverter
$500 permit
$? Racking / misc parts

I would like to complete the install for under $5k as a goal.

I’m asking for help from the reddit community as this is my first foray into solar power. I intend to document the process and write up a guide for a budget self installation once I am complete.

Thanks to all.

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