Looks do matter

Beauty, Efficiency and Power

Engineered for High Performance

Solaria’s innovative solar cell technology significantly boosts power and panel efficiency using a groundbreaking engineering design to maximize energy output.

Designed for High Efficiency

Traditional panels are made with surface areas that interrupt the capture of solar energy. Not the case with PowerXT. We designed a patented cell cutting and advanced interconnect process to pack more power and reduce inactive space between cells, while eliminating common failure points.

Higher Output

Engineered for high performance. Requires less roof space to maximize energy production. Perfect on even the most space constrained roofs.


Beautifully designed Pure Black panels complement your home's architectural style

Built to Last

Solaria panels consistently exceed industry standards in reliability and durability. Enjoy clean, reliable power day in and day out, back by a 25 year warranty.

Solaria PowerXT

What's the big deal?