String vs Microinverter and Tesla Flush Panels vs Raised Panels

Greetings, first time post here.

String VS Microinverter: I’ve read confusing and conflicting statements on the different types of inverters, most which seem to be released by marketing teams, so I wanted to see if anyone can clarify whether a single large string inverter or multiple microinverters are more efficient on a sunny day with no shading.

Tesla Flush Panel vs Raised Panels: I believe I read somewhere that Tesla solar panels get a lot hotter because they sit flush on the roof, and there’s no way for air to circulate below them. I’m also guessing that the attic would get hotter with the panels touching the roof, but I haven’t seen anything stating as much. I have read that raised panels can cool the attic as much as 5 degrees though. Assuming same efficiency ratings for a flush panel vs a raised panel, would a raised panel be more efficient due to the reasons listed above?

Thanks in advance!

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